The Basics of a Good Home Alarm System

There are many different types of alarm systems available on the market today. If you want to, you can get really carried away with highly complex systems. On the other end of the scale, sometimes a simple alarm system can be just as effective for your needs. When evaluating your options, there are several things to consider. A garage door alarm system for one household may not be adequate for another. However, for almost all alarm systems, there are a few basic things that should come as standard. Here are a few things to consider when shopping around for garage door alarms. So every homeowners need to know about theĀ garage door alarm types.

Interior Alarm Systems

At the core of every good alarm system is the idea that the alarm system should protect the home, its occupants and its contents. That means that it should be able to detect any unauthorized movement within your home. A good alarm system should have sensors fitted to each room in your home. When you arm a particular zone or room, the sensor should pick up and alert you to any movement in that part of the house. More advanced systems may have a link that goes through to your local police station or private security company so they can respond when the alarm is triggered.

Access Sensors

Most alarm systems have sensors fitted to all doors and windows in your home that can open. To arm the alarm, a good system will require that all the doors and windows are closed. If, when the alarm is armed, any doors or windows are open, it will be assumed to be unauthorized access and trigger the alarm. If you are returning home, you usually have a limited time period to deactivate the system before the alarm goes off. This helps to differentiate between authorized access and unauthorized access.

Private Access Codes

Each alarm system should have a unique code for it to be most effective. While most alarm systems come with factory settings, a good alarm system should have a feature where you can change the access code to your own unique number that is different from the factory settings. This can ensure that no one else can easily guess your access code.

Motion-Triggered Spotlights

Spotlight are a very effective theft deterrent, especially as many burglaries happen under the cover of darkness. The advantage of motion-triggered spotlights over standard spotlights is the element of surprise. The thief may think that their presence is unnoticed; however, when a spot light suddenly comes on, they won’t know if it’s because someone has seen them or if it’s a motion sensor that they have triggered. Either way, it will make them wary of trying to access your home. If you have taken the time to install motion sensors and spotlights then there is a strong likelihood that you will have a good alarm system in your home as well that will need to be bypassed. This makes getting into your home much more effort and the potential thief may decide that it just isn’t worth it.

Remote Access Gates and Doors

Gates and garage doors that can be opened by remote control offer you an added level of security. It means that you can access your property without having to leave the safety of your car. It also means that you can get in and out of your property at a greater speed. If there is a potential threat, you can quickly get inside your home and close the door behind you without having to physically do it yourself. This offers you and your family an added level of protection and is a feature of a good alarm system.

Camera Monitoring

While not all alarm systems have camera monitoring, it is one of the most effective ways to protect your home. If you choose to install surveillance cameras, a good alarm system should have a feature that allows you to monitor your home even when you are not there. Technology has made it possible for signals to be fed to computers and mobile phones so you can see what is going on in your home when you aren’t there. You should also be able to record the video feeds and store them in files that you can refer back to. This is especially useful if you have a burglary incident. The video feed captured by your surveillance camera could help to identify the culprits and lead to an arrest. In this way, the alarm system is not only protecting your home, it is helping you make your neighborhood a safer place to live.